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Aaagh! LJ ate my entry up.

In point form:

Holidays are great - I've not moaned for ten days, and if I have - it's been results anxiety & the weather (too hot!).
Rebels & Martyrs at the National Gallery is ace - it's nice to see something in thematic rather than chronological/stylistic order.
Neal's Yard are too expensive but their pumpkin & polenta pie is gorgeous to take-away!
The Fabian Society have lots of interesting things to say; shame Sajid Khan MP's talk didn't offer anything new.
K-Bar is a great place to people watch; so, so many posers! Won't be going back since I'm slightly offended by the Buddhist imagery being treated with contempt.
The Crabtree is a great place to drink - perhaps a river [profile] londonpubcrawl would be a plan @ some point?
Make a point of going to The Glass Bar - it's ace. 
I met someone I wanted to rant at but kept my mouth shut.   
I also met someone I fancied, so all was not lost.

More on the last week/so can be found here. 

Got a wedding on Saturday & RHCP + Channel 4 next week. Will also be moving out, so housewarming details will be out soon :D

Great political/social world-cup themed quiz can be found here :D

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