Feb. 25th, 2013 09:14 pm
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..has been a productive month. Two conferences, one training day, one exam organised and conducted, really good appraisal from my boss and audit project off the ground. Regretfully I can't sit my exit exam this year as two of my colleagues will be doing so.

My birthday oncall weekend started off rubbishly as my OOH colleague called in sick. I was covering both her duties and mine when my boss felt sorry for me and called his friends to take her weekend duties over. Consequently the weekend improved. Friday, the juniors bought me a b'day cake. The night reg came in with Lancome Juicy Tubes for me. Jiexing and I went out for a drink. Saturday saw Ed, Richard and myself pop out for beer and gin. Sunday I had McD's breakfast with Noush, Zak's chicken with the juniors for lunch (my treat) and Indian for dinner with Ed, Richard and Jiexing. Successful weekend when you get on with the rest.

I celebrated my b'day with the family on 16/2 - tasty Chinese meal. My brother got me a gorgeous Chanel purse, my sister a DKNY work bag and my mum diamonds. My dad is yet to buy his present. I celebrated the end of the oncall weekend with a spa day, followed by waxing and hair colour - semi gloss and blow dry. I also had lunch for one and tried home waxing with minimal success. I'm looking forward to my b'day tea and pubcrawl this weekend and the fun and games that lie in March (oncall weekend, 2 trips to Manchester for exams/courses, acute medicine day, two gigs - Damage and RNB allstars and a hen do to plan).

Any of you got home waxing or Copenhagen tips? They're my two projects atm - my abstracts got accepted at the European Endocrine Conference and work gave me clearance to go :) 
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